{December 23, 2012}   wedding of a mouse and an elephant..!!

so there was article, to be written on a -‘wedding of a mouse and an elephant’. Its obvious that groom will be the ‘mouse’ as it says “MOUSE” not “Doe”.  Writing an article on it, didn’t  disturb me.Something did was that bride was an elephant. Groom is a little animal with not so strong body,but a body that can go through anything. Bride s a giant one which has a very strong body can bear heavy loads, but can get hurt ,irritated by a ANT.

This gave me two messages:-

  1. Amongst a husband and wife, wife is an elephant and husband is a mouse…..
  2. Men very well know how to come out of every situation. Women are strong. Can bear all the sorrow and joy of her family, but are so sensitive that could be hurt by a small thing.

NEERAJ says:

I want wedding photos of elephant and mouse.

haha! I didn’t expect such a demand! 😀 But i would like to post some pics as per the demand.
keep on coming. 🙂

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