{January 7, 2013}   easy steps to cure acne

easy steps to cure acne

i am doing it and its working. My face, chest, back and area of my arms till elbow was full of this pimples.Now its only on my back.Follow these steps
1) Whenever you come home from outside, thoroughly wash your face.
2)Apply suncream daily, it will not only help you to reduce your acne prob but will always make u look younger.
3)Avoid your hair to come on your face. Even if they do, make sure you don’t have dandruff prob.
4)You can also apply daily Dermadew lotion, linical, linimoist, or lacto calamine on your face & chest. This will form a layer on your skin and thus prevent dust to reach your skin and get a new pimple.
5)once in a month or two you can go for steaming your face.
6)most important thing is drink plenty of water.
7)avoid cosmetics for a while. you can use kajal, eyeliner or lipgloss.Eye or lip make-up is fine.
8)try that your infected part is not oily.
9)People having this problem in private area should leave rice untill its cured. And it is advisable to go for a doctor checkup as it can be something serious.
10)Papaya, tomato, fenugreek, bittermelon is good for this.


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