{January 25, 2013}   Ever felt frustrated and angry and did not know what it was abt?

I suddenly feel frustrated and angry today …. reason you ask? i don’t know whats the reason but i know one thing for a fact and that is i am either going to break something or i am going to break something

It is possible that while you are reading this you may think whats wrong with this girl? why would she think we give a crap about what she thinks and how she is feeling? and i completely get it , seriously  i am not writing this blog for anyone to read , i am writing it just because i am writing it. I do not know how long this blog will go because i haven’t decided what i am going to write about!! i am just typing because it is making me feel better (probably because i am hitting keys pretty hard , and pretending that  am beating the crap out of something)

The extract that is posted above i wrote it a while ago and today while i was going through my draft i saw it.  Its felt so silly and stupid to ready that , yet i am posting it today. WHY?(i am not drunk, if you guessed that you are wrong) . Because it exposes a very critical thing , it questions several believes and philosophies that we have accepted and some that we have ignored either because we are ignorant or we have lack of understanding or both!!

now that i think of that day , i cant find one reason that could have frustrated me or made me angry , if it was not something ‘wordly’ what was it? was my soul troubled? were negative vibes present near me? i cant think rationally .. Have you ever experienced such a thing

P.S. I Have not gone barmy and i am not drunk..but frustrated because i cant find a logical explanation why was i frustrated that day… and sorry if i frustrated you by being frustrated about my frustration


I would like to “subscribe” to your blog posts so that I can receive an email each time you post. I see the “follow” button, but that only puts you in my “reader” list. Is the “subscribe” button right in front of me and I’m just missing it?

i am sorry couldn’t check it earlier. just got stuck in exams. let me see what is it. i will let you know.

yes mam there is a subscribe button

TheMaskGirl – Found it. Subscribed. Thank you!

i am commenting on urz post but i even dont know y i am commenting on urz post hahaha….

Mike says:

Clearly I’m a little late to this post… but, It’s chemical. These things calm down with age… certainly not wisdom… just age. I think you would be interested in what are called “biological imperatives” and how they effect all of us. They will offer insight to everything from your girlfriends to your boyfriends. Even why your parents “just don’t understand”… Cheers! – Mike

will surely do, anything that can deliver me of that feeling helps… Thanks mike!

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