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i just came across this blog(it’s my friend’s). Complete lost it!


There are many addictions in the world but there is no addiction that is nearly as addicting as love. I want to love someone but i cant because i have a natural vibe that makes people hate me (and gives me all the more reason to love them)..I strongly believe that love relationship between a boy and a girl cannot exist without fear!!

I am a person that wants everything to be perfect. I want a partner that listens to me and follows me blindly. I want her to love me the way i am and the way that i prefer should be her preference.My way of loving is quiet different from from “uniform” “UN-GENERIC” people. If i want to eat cockroach she should do it too !! Why is something not perfectly round when i asked her to bring it me in round shape?? Why is she crying (i…

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{April 24, 2013}   sugar sugar -The Archies

song written for the cartoon strip “The Archies”.On year 2008 it was written for a show it became a number 1 hit.

Take the first step

If you keep doing what you’re doing now, where do you see yourself in one year? You’ll make progress in some areas of your life but are they the areas that you care most about? Are they the areas that mean the most to you?

Most of us would love to move forward in certain areas of our life but let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes we are so used to thinking a certain way that we can’t seem to make a first definite step, even though we know deep down in our hearts that it’s the right thing to do.

With that in mind, I compiled a list of actions you can take today that could make a big difference in your life:

  1. Think as if – Your present circumstances are the result of your past thinking and your future will be the result of what you are thinking now. Your thoughts have to be higher than your present circumstances for you to rise higher. Constantly tell yourself that you already have what you are striving for. If you do this, your behaviors and mental images will harmonize with those thoughts and take you closer to your goal.
  2. Concentrate on one definite goal in life – If you direct your energy toward too many objectives at once, you won’t make enough progress in either direction. In order to move forward, you have to literally walk down a singular path toward a major definite purpose that defines what you want to do most with your life.
  3. Aim high – Think about the goals you have set for yourself. Are they really the most that you are capable of? Chances are, you’re better than you think and you can do things that you previously never thought possible. Everyone has potential inside of them like a seed but you need to elevate your thoughts to harmonize with that potential. If the goals you have set for yourself are mediocre, double their height and tell yourself that you’re good enough to achieve them. You’ll only attempt what you think you can do.
  4. Give more than you receive – One of the greatest guarantees in life is if you give the world the best that you have to offer, you are almost certain to be rewarded in some way. Anything that is noteworthy is only attainable by first giving something of equal or greater value.
  5. Do what you love – Only by doing what you love will you have enough motivation to persist during times of difficulty. All you have to do is look at your habits and find a way to profit from them. This could very well be the best way to achieve outstanding success.
  6. Develop your strengths – Because of heredity and environmental influences, you have strengths or the potential for strengths that most people do not have. Your strengths are your best asset for moving passed the resistance you’ll run into. Don’t ignore them. If you are good enough at what you do, there will be a demand for it and you will be rewarded for providing value to people.
  7. Associate with people who inspire you – You may have noticed when you associate with someone long enough, their habits and ways of thinking start to rub off on you. That is because states of mind are contagious; they are transmittable from one mind to another. If you hang around someone who thinks little of themselves and has self-destructive habits, you’ll eventually show signs of being influenced by them. If you hang around someone who is confident and aims high in life, the same subsequent effect will occur.
  8. Have an open mind – When someone closes their mind to something, they will cease to learn and grow in that area. All because someone doesn’t agree with something doesn’t mean they should be completely ignorant about it. The better option would be to keep an open mind on all subjects at all times. If you choose to be more receptive to ideas that you’re not used to, you’ll have more opportunities look at a different perspective that could prove beneficial to you.
  9. Move closer to your goals on a daily basis – You should devote at least a couple of hours a day to what you are trying to accomplish in life. On average, the total number of hours a person sleeps and works in a day is 16 hours. That leaves another 8 hours of free time that can used for anything that you want. Never tell yourself that you “don’t have time.” Instead, find a way to blend what you currently do with what you desire to do.
  10. Master luck and ride the wave of momentum – When you reach a point in your life when things seem to be working in your favor, you should milk it for all it’s worth. This is your best opportunity to work harder than you’ve ever worked before because you’re already moving at a faster pace because of the momentum behind you. When you have momentum, the work that you do will have a greater effect than usual and you’ll make much more progress than at any other time.
  11. Start with the “can do” portion of a task – A lot of people focus too much on the “can’t do” portion of an important task and end up not making a move at all. Instead, you should focus on the “can do” portion so that you’ll gradually gain the sufficient tools and momentum to take on the harder parts later.
  12. Help people with the same problems you have – Solving our problems in life isn’t always easy. Our toughest problems often require the most creative solutions—solutions that are outside our scope of thinking. But when you help people solve problems that are similar to your own, you’ll find it easier to solve your own problems. By solving the same problem from different perspectives, you’ll find the all-inclusive answer that seems to work repeatedly. Solving these types of problems will become second-nature to you and eventually you’ll be able to solve your own problems, even the toughest ones.

In closing, don’t wait until the time is just right to take the first step toward achieving your goals. The time will never be just right. Make the resolution to start where you are now and go for what matters most in your life. Where you end up one year from now is up to you.

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In what ways are you moving forward in life? You’re more than welcome to leave your ideas in the comments below.

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