If i am ignoring you then it just means that you have hurt my feelings or done something which I’d never appreciate.If you are annoying me then obviously you are not my favorite -but if it is your nature then you have chances to be in my good list else you are out of my life. IF you ever were on my favorite list and now you are not and you still wonder why? It means you are the reason i am upset and you need to sort out many things with me. well i don’t remove anyone out of my list without a really good excuse… so you see you’ve really done what you ought not to do.
If you are not my favorite anymore. so the following things you’ll observe in my reaction:-
2.angry faces
3.mood swings
4.Pretending not to care and etc etc…


{August 17, 2013}   CURIOSITY!! -good or bad?

disney-quotes-posterCuriosity to me is a tingly feeling in my stomach. It’s a desire to know what is that or this thing! If there is an event and i didn’t attend I’ll be wanting to know- what if i was there?,If two of my friends are keeping secrets I’ll be dieing to know, If someone close to me talking secretly with someone not so close to me I’ll be wondering like mad and dieing what the hell is going on?. Curiosity is something which always puts me in a situation that i never want to face. It keeps me away from the world that I have known for so long. Besides knowing that curiosity is going to kill the real but not so real world of mine why am i always curious?But  maybe because If i wasn’t curious on knowing certain things i would have never discovered the truth. I would have not been successful on my wins. “Not all failures are bad they teach you or i should put it as failures are not bad its an opportunity to prove yourself again”- I could say this because once i was curious to know on this thing. Similarly i am curious about many and loads and loads of things. Sometimes i am confused if it is curiosity or anger or jealousy or something but whatever it is, i want to say it curiosity…. 🙂

{August 4, 2013}   WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF..

If I showed you what lies inside my heart, would you believe it, would you take it as a real thing? Would you?
If I showed you the love that resides in me, would you still allow me to give it freely and be myself or would you want it all for yourself and yourself alone?
If I showed you what I truly thought about you, would you accept it and welcome it?
If I showed you how deep I can go when thinking about you, would you go to those depths together with me?
If I showed you what treasures lie inside my heart, would you leave them there or take them with you?
If I took the mask off my face and showed you the real me, would you still love the face you see? Would you still want to have me in your life? Would you?
If I showed you my scars, would you help them heal or would you make your mark and leave?
If I showed you my feelings, would you treat them kindly? Would you respect their true nature?

If I showed you the flames of passion breathing inside of me, would you breathe them together with me?
If I showed you the truth that stands facing you, would you open your eyes to see?..
I wish I could show you my true nature and yet feel safe in your arms…
What would happen then?
I’ll tell you what… Two worlds would become One and Love would blossom.

~Jolita Kelias

et cetera