{September 22, 2013}   Sin?

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Are there degrees of sin,
wrongs that are more
absolutes than others?
Or is the ultimate wrong
that desire to have or do
what we want regardless of
the negative outcome to
ourselves or others?

Let us examine carefully
the secret (we think) urges
that grind away at our
souls. What is it that we
have become slaves to,
even when we are honest
 enough to know the harm we do?

There can be no freedom,
no peace until we cast
off the chains that bind
us. Even the smallest,
persistent overindulgence
chips away at our self-
respect. Look carefully
for we all have these
“sins,” dust motes to
crushing slime that must
be cleaned out so the
Light can shine through,
for we are capable of
greatness waiting to manifest.
The choice is ours.

S elf-imposed anguish
I ndulgence is what is harmful
N eeds untempered by love and respect

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