There is nothing more frustrating than when you sit down at your table to study with the most sincere of intentions and instead of being able to finish the task at hand you find your thoughts wandering.However,there are certain techniques that you can  use to enhance your concentration. “Your concentration level depends upon various factor”, says Samuel Gosh, a social counselor . “In order to develop your concentration span,it is necessary to examine various facets of your physical and internal environment,” she adds.
To begin with one should attempt to create the physical environment that is conducive to focused thought .Whether it is radio,TV or your noisy neighbors,identify the factors that make it difficult for you to focus. For instance,if you live in a very noisy neighborhood, you could try to plan to study hours in a nearby library.

….disagrees with the notion that people can concentrate or study in an environment with distractions like a loud television(as in my case) ,blaring music etc. “If you are distracted when you are attempting to focus,your attention and retention powers do not work at optimum levels,””not more than two of your senses should be activated at the same time,”What that means is that music that sets your feet tapping is not ideal accompaniment to your books.
Also do not place your study table or desk in front of the window
.”While there is no cure for a mind that wants to wander, one should try to and provide as little stimulus as possible.Looking out of a window when you are trying to concentrate will invariably send your mind on a tangent.”
The second important thing, she says, is to establish goals for oneself instead of general target and then, trying to accomplish what you can in a haphazard fashion.It is very important to decide what you have to finish in a given span of time. The human mind recognizes fixed goals and targets and appreciates schedules more than random thoughts. Once your thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will follow.
Recommends that your schedule into study and recreation hours.When you study choose a mix of subjects that you and dislike and save the former for the last so that you have something to look forward to. For instance, you enjoy verbal skill tests more than mathematical problems then finish maths first(as in eat your frog first!! :P). Not only will you find your self working harder, you will have a sense of achievement when you wind up.
Try not to sit for more than 40 minutes a sketch.take a very short break to make a cup of tea or listen to a song (My favorite thing to do) and sit down again (:[). Under no cicumstances, should one sit for more than one and a half hours.Short breaks build your concentration and refresh your mind. However, be careful not to overdo the relaxation (I must follow it <—-). It may have undesired effects(Oh yes! they do).
More than anything else,do not get disheartened. Concentration is merely a matter of disciplining the mind. It comes with practice and patience and does not take very long to become a habit for life.


{February 23, 2014}   Strange house in farm


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{February 21, 2014}   AT it’s BEST^-^


“If loving someone is putting them in a straitjacket and kicking them down a flight of stairs, then yes, I have loved a few people.”(It occured to me)

I know I’m not perfect but I’m so close it scares me!

“Blood may be thicker than water, but it’s certainly not as thick as ketchup. Nor does it go as well with French fries.”



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Just a pic of my terrace!! (& lil editing).

{February 13, 2014}   A PARTY OF FUN AND :'((..

I know a party is meant for only fun.  Farewell party is not only fun but it gives you that feeling of losing your days of stress free fun . 11th Feb. , 2014 is the day when our junior bid us farewell. While in the party i was enjoying myself.. [didn’t shed a tear, like all others would do when they leave school and get farewell.] Then why when i came back home and suddenly felt  a VERY STRANGE AND AWKWARD FEELING. I didn’t want to do anything so i just went off to bed and slept. When i got up in the morning i realized ..” DAMN! MY SCHOOL DAYS HAVE ENDED.. MY FRIENDS WILL GO APART .. WILL I EVER HAVE SOMEONE SO CLOSE AND DEAR TO ME ,LIKE THEM?  ARE MY DAYS JUST GONNA START IN BED AND IN BED WITHOUT ANYTHING THAT IS FUN HAPPENING IN BETWEEN? WILL I BE CAGED IN MY OWN HOUSE? DO I HAVE TO DO ALL THAT HOUSEHOLD CHORES LIKE ANY OTHER INDIAN GIRL? ”
God please drift me apart from such thoughts because all this very strange feeling and thoughts are not letting me concentrate on my exams. And i don’t want to experience anything as that ^^… Huhhhhhh!!! (deep breath)


{February 6, 2014}   Help a wandering mind maybe?

Okay i haven’t confessed this anyone before ( admit is a better term i think) … so there is this weird thing that happens to me when ever i listen to , or read , or see things from 19th century or early 20th century , i don’t know why i feel this connection , i get nostalgic , i feel like i belong to them and they belong to me. Trust me its just not love or passion for things from that era , i feel like , ummmm i don’t know…ummm…arghh!! its really frustrating to be not able to put it into words (probably the reason i could never bring this up to anyone , for the fear that such a “thing” may not be justly conveyed and i cant bear to not be able to do things rightly…and this is very dear to me i wouldn’t want to be laughed at for this).

If you have seen “midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen , you would think i have the same dilemma which the lead character in the movie had , maybe its true , i do love that era and yeah i wouldn’t have regretted being born in that time ( but then would i want to be born in future? or would i want to be in an even earlier period? or my feeling of belonging”ness” persist?)
but i don’t think its the same situation as that of the lead character that i am in. I am a bit more weird then him i guess 😛
…he atleast knew about the era he loved , he read abt it …. i on the other hand know barely anything
abt the time i am talking abt ( creepy right?)

There is this song called ” Video killed the radio star” by The buggles…ok so i do not listen to radio and i have never listend it to it for more than 10 minutes maybe…yet when i listen to this song i get nostalgic and sad its as if u know….

even though i mentioned earlier abt 19th and early 20th century…yet there is this daily show ” The wonder years” and “That 70’s show” which attract me and i love them immensely…so i guess my this “thing” is not limited to a period i guess!!….i felt the same “thing” even when i read couple of short stories for example “The third level by Jack Finney” or ” summer of beautiful white horse by William Saroyan”

ummm cant reach to any conclusion!! please speak your mind out on this please….anything criticize or laugh or comment or nything

-wandering mind-

{February 2, 2014}   MY BROTHER









He just really have to do a single thing wrong,
For me to become a volcano and explode,
It’s just that he is like a huge pile of needles,
That is continually adding to my load,
It doesn’t take a lot from him,
To make me suddenly snap,
His mere presence alone is all it takes,
To break the camels back,
The thing about it all is that I know,
I know the whole thing is due to me,
What he does doesn’t have be bothersome,
Yet every time I still let it be,
He behaves like a rabbit caught in the lights,
When I start to raise my voice,
My brother doesn’t like to be shouted at,
But it’s not like I have a choice,
I’m out of control when I’m angered by him,
I react like a time-ticking bomb,
He has a knack for annoying me,
Even when he isn’t doing something wrong,
I’m younger than him so I should be respectful
to be angry my words are reasonable yet they say
I should be reasonable and not get angry,
But he sure knows how to annoy,
He tells me he really can’t help it,
It’s a semi-deliberate thing,
And I know I should loosen up,
But my brother’s so damn annoying,
He does the things he knows bug me most,
He’s a pest who buzzes in my ear,
His behaviour seems to drive me to the edge,
Or at least worryingly near,
I love him, I do, rather deep down,IMG-20131226-WA0046
And sometimes my brother is great,
I should get off his back and stop being mean,
But he seems to like to irritate,
It doesn’t really matter because soon I’ll be gone,
Out of the home and flying from the nest,
It’s not like he’s the only annoying brother in the world,
I know I’m one of ‘the rest’,
The best thing to do is to keep my cool,
And not let him get my hot under the collar,
Since even though he really annoys me,
I really do love my brother.

** WINK** 😉

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