{June 27, 2013}   Life Would Be SImple..

If I could tell every bit of my life to someone,
If i did not worry about mistakes i did and learnt from,
If i could laugh without a fear of being hurt,
If i could dance without being laughed,
If i could write down all my feelings on a paper and did not care if somebody would read it,
If my bff wouldn’t have been so complicated,
If nobody wanted to interfere in each others life,


{February 19, 2013}   exam time.. study well!!!

exam time.. study well!!!

I have reached to the date when i have to give exams for the material i have attained in this whole session.
Am soon going to be in my +2 year. Will not be posting until 28th Feb. Things i have learned to keep up with are
– sleep well..
-read everything in the text because every word in the text have a reason to written there.
-keep up with nutritional diet.
-take 5 short meals rather than 3 hearty meals because this can make you feel necessity to sleep after that.
-chew cashew nuts or almonds while studying.

I suddenly feel frustrated and angry today …. reason you ask? i don’t know whats the reason but i know one thing for a fact and that is i am either going to break something or i am going to break something

It is possible that while you are reading this you may think whats wrong with this girl? why would she think we give a crap about what she thinks and how she is feeling? and i completely get it , seriously  i am not writing this blog for anyone to read , i am writing it just because i am writing it. I do not know how long this blog will go because i haven’t decided what i am going to write about!! i am just typing because it is making me feel better (probably because i am hitting keys pretty hard , and pretending that  am beating the crap out of something)

The extract that is posted above i wrote it a while ago and today while i was going through my draft i saw it.  Its felt so silly and stupid to ready that , yet i am posting it today. WHY?(i am not drunk, if you guessed that you are wrong) . Because it exposes a very critical thing , it questions several believes and philosophies that we have accepted and some that we have ignored either because we are ignorant or we have lack of understanding or both!!

now that i think of that day , i cant find one reason that could have frustrated me or made me angry , if it was not something ‘wordly’ what was it? was my soul troubled? were negative vibes present near me? i cant think rationally .. Have you ever experienced such a thing

P.S. I Have not gone barmy and i am not drunk..but frustrated because i cant find a logical explanation why was i frustrated that day… and sorry if i frustrated you by being frustrated about my frustration

{November 9, 2012}   BLACK IS THE NEW GREEN..!!
So here, i came across this phrase when i went shopping for a friend…
I don’t know.. but this phrase made me go in a deep thought,that what does it mean??
…After having a long chit chat conversation about this ‘PHRASE’ we came to conclusion…
We all thought that this could only be the meaning hidden..
*The pollution is making our beautiful greenery turn black..
the green trees, forests, provides many benefits to human life..
The human themselves are digging a hole for them. By creating pollution
everywhere,by not using resources efficiently.. this is why .. such quote is phrased!!

  • close the tap when you are not using it.

    • fix all leakage pipes

      • on your b’days rather than throwing a party,PLANT A TREE.

        • use public vehicles as much as possible.

          • take bicycles for short distances. It will keep u healthy and pollutiion free.

            • Switch to paper bags,for like when you go for buying veges,eatables,carry them in a paper bag..

              • You can recycle used papers, take a tub with hot water ,dip your paper, and let it dry in sun.

                • switch off lights,fans etc. when you leave room

                  • switch of f lights when you sleep, or if u scared of dark.. get a dim light.
                    THATS IT FOR NOW.. HOPE U LIKE IT.. NICE DAY!!


et cetera