{October 19, 2014}   Word to the Wise

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It is impossible to acquire wisdom
without making mistakes
otherwise, we would all be wise.

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{October 17, 2014}   An Honest Life

Silver Lining Of Your Cloud

Living a life of honesty creates peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless. Period. Don’t be dishonest and don’t put up with people who are.

Living a life of honesty creates peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless. Period. Don’t be dishonest and don’t put up with people who are.

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tidy-house Recent research has shown that there may indeed be benefits from both having a lovely clean home and a messy one.

Experiment 1

One group of participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire in a tidy space and another group were asked to complete the questionnaire in a messy space with objects strewn everywhere.

They were then asked:

1. to donate to charity and

2. choose a healthy or unhealthy snack.

What difference do you think being in each environment made?

See the results HERE.

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A bridge is a span built to overcome obstacles such as water bodies,valley e.t.c. One of the biggest obstacle that any living creäture faces is the obstacle of time . We homo-sapiens can’t escape it either. With all our knowledge , technology, we can’t control time yet we  overcome this obstacle through a bridge. Grandparents form a bridge between the past, present and the future. Therefore they can prevent the family from doing things that ‘harmed’ them in the past, use their experience ,wisdom and knowledge to improve the present and lead the family towards a better future.
Research suggests that grandparents influence in a child’s life , benefits them more emotionally and mentally than any other. They are major support for the family and great playmates for the children.They play countless role in a family, be it role of a historian, telling stories of relatives,important events ,family traditions, or the role of a role model. They are often seen managing the family, giving it advice , sharing skills and talents and proving to be a role model that incarnate LOYALTY & HARD-WORK  in the family.


{March 13, 2014}   SCR.. SCRIBBLING! :)


What to do,when bored? Yeah scribbling.. Sounds cool…! 🙂 ;)B)

{March 12, 2014}   WONDERLAND!


When tensed or exhausted … Just get some fresh air..! Yeah! That’s what i do.. And when you come around such views thn everything is beautiful..!

{March 9, 2014}   Just time pass


I love to spend time making shapes with stones! Especially during exam times.
~~~TADA~~~ gud day friends..!!

{March 2, 2014}   THING OF BEAUTY


There is nothing more frustrating than when you sit down at your table to study with the most sincere of intentions and instead of being able to finish the task at hand you find your thoughts wandering.However,there are certain techniques that you can  use to enhance your concentration. “Your concentration level depends upon various factor”, says Samuel Gosh, a social counselor . “In order to develop your concentration span,it is necessary to examine various facets of your physical and internal environment,” she adds.
To begin with one should attempt to create the physical environment that is conducive to focused thought .Whether it is radio,TV or your noisy neighbors,identify the factors that make it difficult for you to focus. For instance,if you live in a very noisy neighborhood, you could try to plan to study hours in a nearby library.

….disagrees with the notion that people can concentrate or study in an environment with distractions like a loud television(as in my case) ,blaring music etc. “If you are distracted when you are attempting to focus,your attention and retention powers do not work at optimum levels,””not more than two of your senses should be activated at the same time,”What that means is that music that sets your feet tapping is not ideal accompaniment to your books.
Also do not place your study table or desk in front of the window
.”While there is no cure for a mind that wants to wander, one should try to and provide as little stimulus as possible.Looking out of a window when you are trying to concentrate will invariably send your mind on a tangent.”
The second important thing, she says, is to establish goals for oneself instead of general target and then, trying to accomplish what you can in a haphazard fashion.It is very important to decide what you have to finish in a given span of time. The human mind recognizes fixed goals and targets and appreciates schedules more than random thoughts. Once your thoughts and goals are in line, a focused system will follow.
Recommends that your schedule into study and recreation hours.When you study choose a mix of subjects that you and dislike and save the former for the last so that you have something to look forward to. For instance, you enjoy verbal skill tests more than mathematical problems then finish maths first(as in eat your frog first!! :P). Not only will you find your self working harder, you will have a sense of achievement when you wind up.
Try not to sit for more than 40 minutes a sketch.take a very short break to make a cup of tea or listen to a song (My favorite thing to do) and sit down again (:[). Under no cicumstances, should one sit for more than one and a half hours.Short breaks build your concentration and refresh your mind. However, be careful not to overdo the relaxation (I must follow it <—-). It may have undesired effects(Oh yes! they do).
More than anything else,do not get disheartened. Concentration is merely a matter of disciplining the mind. It comes with practice and patience and does not take very long to become a habit for life.

{February 23, 2014}   Strange house in farm


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