{March 9, 2014}   Just time pass


I love to spend time making shapes with stones! Especially during exam times.
~~~TADA~~~ gud day friends..!!


{April 24, 2013}   sugar sugar -The Archies

song written for the cartoon strip “The Archies”.On year 2008 it was written for a show it became a number 1 hit.

I suddenly feel frustrated and angry today …. reason you ask? i don’t know whats the reason but i know one thing for a fact and that is i am either going to break something or i am going to break something

It is possible that while you are reading this you may think whats wrong with this girl? why would she think we give a crap about what she thinks and how she is feeling? and i completely get it , seriously  i am not writing this blog for anyone to read , i am writing it just because i am writing it. I do not know how long this blog will go because i haven’t decided what i am going to write about!! i am just typing because it is making me feel better (probably because i am hitting keys pretty hard , and pretending that  am beating the crap out of something)

The extract that is posted above i wrote it a while ago and today while i was going through my draft i saw it.  Its felt so silly and stupid to ready that , yet i am posting it today. WHY?(i am not drunk, if you guessed that you are wrong) . Because it exposes a very critical thing , it questions several believes and philosophies that we have accepted and some that we have ignored either because we are ignorant or we have lack of understanding or both!!

now that i think of that day , i cant find one reason that could have frustrated me or made me angry , if it was not something ‘wordly’ what was it? was my soul troubled? were negative vibes present near me? i cant think rationally .. Have you ever experienced such a thing

P.S. I Have not gone barmy and i am not drunk..but frustrated because i cant find a logical explanation why was i frustrated that day… and sorry if i frustrated you by being frustrated about my frustration

{December 31, 2012}   THE NEW YEAR POEM

indexJoyous, prosperous, happy new year,
spreading colors with love, oh dear.
People dancing,singing and creating memory,
for all bad doing feeling sorry.!!

Passed this 12 months, now entering new year,
21st December that made us fear!!
They died who ran out of stone,
misunderstood we- time to loose our bones!!

Gloomy eyes had seen bright light,
India awakened,fighting for innocent’s right.
An incident that killed a soul,
we want justice,voice of the whole.

This new year will bring a new shine,
things will be alright & you’ll be fine.
Wear your boots & put on your coat,
go to the party and sail on this joyous boat.!!

so there was article, to be written on a -‘wedding of a mouse and an elephant’. Its obvious that groom will be the ‘mouse’ as it says “MOUSE” not “Doe”.  Writing an article on it, didn’t  disturb me.Something did was that bride was an elephant. Groom is a little animal with not so strong body,but a body that can go through anything. Bride s a giant one which has a very strong body can bear heavy loads, but can get hurt ,irritated by a ANT.

This gave me two messages:-

  1. Amongst a husband and wife, wife is an elephant and husband is a mouse…..
  2. Men very well know how to come out of every situation. Women are strong. Can bear all the sorrow and joy of her family, but are so sensitive that could be hurt by a small thing.

et cetera