{January 7, 2016}   Jamesy boy
  • In my mind, there’s a boy
    who exists in chains.
    Inside a cold, dark room
    of painful solitude
    is where he will remain.
    Behind these walls
    the sorrow is inevitable.
    as relentless as
    the passage of time.
    Mentalities corrupt & dark,
    and hopelessly blind.
    Prisons are packed
    with crowded spaces,
    lifers and guards with
    hollow hearts
    afraid of changes,
    and weakened wills
    become complacent.
    yet, I maintain with patience,
    time can limit
    but not shatter my will,
    strength blazed across my chest,
    as solid as
    penitentiary steel,
    but the silence speaks,
    it tells me all I need to hear,
    It confirms my beliefs & its
    promises I have to fear.
    It reminds me that without
    freedom, I’m alone.
    And these whitewashed walls
    don’t make up
    for blackened souls.
    I’ve given 95% of my boys
    a handshake than a pound,
    before they were either locked
    down or buried off
    in cemetery grounds.
    What I’ve done is who I am,
    but who I am is what I do now
    I won’t let up or cease
    to fight.
    Just time,
    I plan on doing it right.
    And what’s right
    lies within me.
    I’m learning to
    appreciate my struggle
    for it would be hard to find
    the joy of accomplishment
    without it.
    We live and we learn.
    We rise and we fall.
    Like the heartbeat
    of a sleeping giant
    with bitter-sweetness dreams.
    (movie- Jamesy boy)

{December 25, 2015}   Temptation and repulsion

To put them aside, to shove them off
I ignore, atleast try to, these feelings and
I cannot.

It’s an inner battle between
ARGH’s and AWW’s
between what I desire and I am sickened by
And then it breaks, cravings overruns what
I am resisting and descends a great
darkness upon a COLD WINTER’s EVE
……(but then…)

Pain is all that your GUILT BEARS,
you are sickened with what you have become,
as love to my mind……
Weak is your soul! temptations are too strong!
Pain eludes you! Adrnaline is strong and weakens power of guilt.
(As for me…)

I am numb and dumbfounded
as the VICIOUS cycle repeats itself
Mush and hate
temptation and repulsion.

{October 4, 2015}   A little too much


She does so many little
Things to draw my attention
She laughs a little too often
When mad, she blinks a little too much.

Stares a little too long,
smiles a little too big,
And talks a little too much about me
And its definitely working
I am talking to her a little too much
She is crossing my mind a little too often,
And I am clearly
Falling a little too
– Seariousman

{September 18, 2015}   Diary of a chaotic mind.

Even most romantic of souls, commit the most unromantic crime. This idea of pure love and yet we make lists in our head about what we want in a lover, like light brown hair and a sweet voice. A sharp mind and a soft heart, a sense of humor that gets to you, you laugh like you mean it. This and that. And it’s all bullshit. Silly, people aren’t lists. I have always wanted to be that person who makes people realize this and yet I am guilty of this crime. Very much so. I want to come across someone who is not anything like i have hoped for and show me what I didn’t even know I was looking for. All this while I thought what i wanted. I was fooling myself. Nobody really knows what they want. Not until its right in front of them.

would you be able to love me though? I would love to feel the love back, to be wanted. I recommend against it though because this feeling could heat your chest and bring the earth to flames. Silly, SALLY! I am a curious person.

Don’t fall in love with a curious person. I’ll want…want to know who you are and where you come from. How your family is. I’ll look at all your pictures and read all your poems. I’ll ask you to explode when you are angry and cry your heart out when you are hurt. I’ll ask you what it means when you lift your eyebrow.

I’ll want to know your favorite food, color, person. And I’ll ask you why. I’ll buy the camera you like, I’ll start listening to your favorite band. I wouldn’t be satisfied, I would want to know what makes you uncomfortable, what weighs on your mind, what makes you cry. I’ll want to know what i did exactly, what I did to make you love me. I hope you have photogenic memory. “what time was it?” “what did I do?” “How did you feel?” I WOULD WANT TO UNBUTTON YOUR SHIRT AND READ EVERY SCAR, EVERY MARK, EVERY CURVE, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY EXTREMITIES, EVERY INCH BEYOND THE SURFACE. But if you still fall in love with this curious person, will you forgive me for being something that will eventually die? Somethings that we love will kill us, but aren’t we dying anyway?

Dear future lover,

It’s funny to think we are strangers . You are in a different room, a different house, different country, a different continent perhaps. Thinking about things that won’t even cross my mind.
It’s so funny to think, you are out there… Laughing, dreaming, looking at the moon, wishing upon the same stars, I look upon everyday.
It’s funny to think you will love me one day.
And  today you have no idea who I am.
ps:- Know that when you do, I will  take your breath away.

A bridge is a span built to overcome obstacles such as water bodies,valley e.t.c. One of the biggest obstacle that any living creäture faces is the obstacle of time . We homo-sapiens can’t escape it either. With all our knowledge , technology, we can’t control time yet we  overcome this obstacle through a bridge. Grandparents form a bridge between the past, present and the future. Therefore they can prevent the family from doing things that ‘harmed’ them in the past, use their experience ,wisdom and knowledge to improve the present and lead the family towards a better future.
Research suggests that grandparents influence in a child’s life , benefits them more emotionally and mentally than any other. They are major support for the family and great playmates for the children.They play countless role in a family, be it role of a historian, telling stories of relatives,important events ,family traditions, or the role of a role model. They are often seen managing the family, giving it advice , sharing skills and talents and proving to be a role model that incarnate LOYALTY & HARD-WORK  in the family.


{February 21, 2014}   AT it’s BEST^-^


{February 2, 2014}   MY BROTHER









He just really have to do a single thing wrong,
For me to become a volcano and explode,
It’s just that he is like a huge pile of needles,
That is continually adding to my load,
It doesn’t take a lot from him,
To make me suddenly snap,
His mere presence alone is all it takes,
To break the camels back,
The thing about it all is that I know,
I know the whole thing is due to me,
What he does doesn’t have be bothersome,
Yet every time I still let it be,
He behaves like a rabbit caught in the lights,
When I start to raise my voice,
My brother doesn’t like to be shouted at,
But it’s not like I have a choice,
I’m out of control when I’m angered by him,
I react like a time-ticking bomb,
He has a knack for annoying me,
Even when he isn’t doing something wrong,
I’m younger than him so I should be respectful
to be angry my words are reasonable yet they say
I should be reasonable and not get angry,
But he sure knows how to annoy,
He tells me he really can’t help it,
It’s a semi-deliberate thing,
And I know I should loosen up,
But my brother’s so damn annoying,
He does the things he knows bug me most,
He’s a pest who buzzes in my ear,
His behaviour seems to drive me to the edge,
Or at least worryingly near,
I love him, I do, rather deep down,IMG-20131226-WA0046
And sometimes my brother is great,
I should get off his back and stop being mean,
But he seems to like to irritate,
It doesn’t really matter because soon I’ll be gone,
Out of the home and flying from the nest,
It’s not like he’s the only annoying brother in the world,
I know I’m one of ‘the rest’,
The best thing to do is to keep my cool,
And not let him get my hot under the collar,
Since even though he really annoys me,
I really do love my brother.

** WINK** 😉

{December 22, 2013}   MEMORIES LAST FOREVER


{December 22, 2013}   YOUR BEST SHOT


{December 22, 2013}   JUST FEELING IT


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