{January 7, 2016}   Jamesy boy
  • In my mind, there’s a boy
    who exists in chains.
    Inside a cold, dark room
    of painful solitude
    is where he will remain.
    Behind these walls
    the sorrow is inevitable.
    as relentless as
    the passage of time.
    Mentalities corrupt & dark,
    and hopelessly blind.
    Prisons are packed
    with crowded spaces,
    lifers and guards with
    hollow hearts
    afraid of changes,
    and weakened wills
    become complacent.
    yet, I maintain with patience,
    time can limit
    but not shatter my will,
    strength blazed across my chest,
    as solid as
    penitentiary steel,
    but the silence speaks,
    it tells me all I need to hear,
    It confirms my beliefs & its
    promises I have to fear.
    It reminds me that without
    freedom, I’m alone.
    And these whitewashed walls
    don’t make up
    for blackened souls.
    I’ve given 95% of my boys
    a handshake than a pound,
    before they were either locked
    down or buried off
    in cemetery grounds.
    What I’ve done is who I am,
    but who I am is what I do now
    I won’t let up or cease
    to fight.
    Just time,
    I plan on doing it right.
    And what’s right
    lies within me.
    I’m learning to
    appreciate my struggle
    for it would be hard to find
    the joy of accomplishment
    without it.
    We live and we learn.
    We rise and we fall.
    Like the heartbeat
    of a sleeping giant
    with bitter-sweetness dreams.
    (movie- Jamesy boy)

{October 4, 2015}   A little too much


She does so many little
Things to draw my attention
She laughs a little too often
When mad, she blinks a little too much.

Stares a little too long,
smiles a little too big,
And talks a little too much about me
And its definitely working
I am talking to her a little too much
She is crossing my mind a little too often,
And I am clearly
Falling a little too
– Seariousman

{July 29, 2015}   A poem that mocks !

As sure as colors are delightful,

as promising a mother’s love is to her child,

as pleasing is the rain to the earth

the only constant with SALLY is her unstable mind!!!

Driven by the teenage fanatics,

the women that grows in her day by day,

mocked by the expanding world,

independent VIEW , changing peers & hormones raging

gay as happiest being is she at moments,

while others are low and gloomy!!

Yes,her new acquired wises mock her ‘leaving’ innosence

yes she is terrified by the laughter that doesn’t

indicate joy anymore,

for she is a mere poem that mocks itself.!!

{December 28, 2013}   LIFE IS A GAMBLE


Many-many faces scrambling,
Me and my worries just doubling.
Who is who and what is what?
truth i know after we grew apart.
Lie is the truth and truth is a lie,
a friendship that makes my anger fly.
Abra ka dabra ping pong poo,
I wish to have a magic wand too,
so my spell could solve this scramble,
nothing to worry,just life is a gamble.
I may win or i may lose,
its my destiny which is to choose.
Destiny had made things so clear,
losing everyone specially people so dear.
Don’t know if i am actually very wrong,
or they’ve just made the “bad list” so long.
Its really hurting but still smiling,
and all the things have just started piling
At the end i have learnt a thing,
Life is a gamble and you have to win it!!
~~~~~~~~TADA~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 :))



Why has TV stopped entertaining?
Why all good shows are betraying?
Is it because we began to expect too much?
Or my old good shows couldn’t stand this crunch?
when holding remote you had world full of entertainment.
cartoon,plays,news sports watch it,I recommend.

Our senses have become so extreme
that we couldn’t find happiness in this stream.
Tell me what has struck our head..?
Did we lose a screw in an alien attack.?


{June 1, 2013}   LIKE THE BREEZE

The breeze runs it gentle fingers,
Through my long, soft hair,
It gently caresses my face,
It does what it likes without a care.
It pulls gently at my clothes,
And delicately brushes against my skin,
It cools the warm, humid night,
And slowly stirres a desire within.
It blows across my closed eyes,
And it dries the moisture from my lips,
But it does it ever so lovingly,
Just like the touch of your fingertips.
I hear the soft sound it makes,
Just like someone whispering in my ear,
I listen to what it has to say,
And the words seem to be so clear.
It taunts and teases me,
But I’m willing to join in on it’s game,
It softly laughs at me,
And it seems to be calling my name.
But it doesn’t frighten me,
It makes me feel kind of free,
It sweeps away the loneliness,
When you’re not here with me…

{December 31, 2012}   THE NEW YEAR POEM

indexJoyous, prosperous, happy new year,
spreading colors with love, oh dear.
People dancing,singing and creating memory,
for all bad doing feeling sorry.!!

Passed this 12 months, now entering new year,
21st December that made us fear!!
They died who ran out of stone,
misunderstood we- time to loose our bones!!

Gloomy eyes had seen bright light,
India awakened,fighting for innocent’s right.
An incident that killed a soul,
we want justice,voice of the whole.

This new year will bring a new shine,
things will be alright & you’ll be fine.
Wear your boots & put on your coat,
go to the party and sail on this joyous boat.!!

et cetera